NDC Water and Sanitation District

The Northern Douglas County Water and Sanitation District was formed in 1980 to meet the growing demand for water and sanitation services in Douglas County. All of the water provided throughout the District is purchased from Centennial Water, constituting approximately 20% of Centennial Water’s total usage. The District is governed by an elected 5 member board of Directors who oversee the operation of the District. A consulting team consisting of an attorney, accountant and manager assist the Board in the daily operations of the District.
Denver Water Watch

As required by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the safety of the nation’s drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) and Northern Douglas County Water & Sanitation District (NDCD) are required to conduct routine water quality tests throughout the District’s boundaries. Based on the recent water quality events that occurred in Flint, Michigan, there has been an increased focus on the number and frequency of lead & copper tests required by CDPHE. As a result of this change in policy, NDCD is required to have established additional backup testing locations that can be readily utilized should any of the current arranged locations become unavailable due to change in ownership, vacations, accessibility, etc.. Colorado Water Systems (CWS), NDCD’s testing company, delivers the water sample bottles & testing procedures to each location. The testing is performed by the resident or commercial building owner; it is not performed by CWS.CWS will pick up the water quality test samples once they are completed. As part of the new regulations, each location at which a sample is taken will receive a copy of the test results. Please be aware that the focus is on single family or commercial structures containing lead pipe service lines and copper pipe with lead solder installed after 1982 and before 1988; even though all of NDCD’s infrastructure was constructed after 1992. This is a voluntary process to assist NDCD to comply with the current drinking water regulations; we would appreciate any support and assistance from our residents. Please contact CLA Billing Services at 303-265-7949 or gwvutil@claconnect.com if you are interested in participating.